Why hire a professional?

  • Not all painters use safe supplies and practices

  • Get the peace of mind that you and your guests are getting professional designs, professional safe products and safe practices! 

  • Get the most for your money with speed and proficiency 

  • Professionalism, don't worry about last minute cancellations from your entertainer. We will have your event covered no matter what. In the case the original artist is not able to make by an unforeseen issue or sickness we will supply another artist to cover your event.  

!!!!! PLEASE Do Your Research !!!!!!

There are not any health or safety regulations on face painting. 

Anyone can say they are a "professional" 

Don't rely on price or a few pictures

  • PRICE - The "average" price for a face painter in the Austin area is $100-$150 per hour. Price is established by each entertainers personal feeling on "what they are worth". A person can wake up and decide "I'm going to be a painter today and charge $100" and never painted a day in their life. Beware of "cheap" prices under $80 you also get what you pay for. If your child has a bad reaction you just spent your saving on an ER Copay no parent wants to deal with that.

  • PICTURES -unfortunately there are painters who use internet photos as their own work especially when starting out  or they just flat out aren't very good. If you see a cheap price and great pictures this is most likely not their work. Ask the painter "are these photos of your personal work or things you can do." If they say things they can do ask for pictures of their actual work.  This is illegal if they don't have a disclosure it is not their work without consent from the artist who did it. It is dishonest and misleading to you the client as to their abilities. If you hire a painter and they cannot provide the quality of work they displayed I would discuss payment as they did not provide what they advertised.


  • PROPER FACE PAINTS- professional grade face paints, materials and insurance are not cheap. Professional Face Paints range from $10-$20 per color. This does not count the price of brushes, sponges and other supplies. This is why discounts are hard to give. Unsafe paints and practices can put you and your guests at risk for reactions. 

  • "Non skin safe" paints have chemicals that are not meant for the skin and require medical attention. There went your discount on a copay!....

  •                           SO HOW DO YOU TELL IF ITS SAFE PAINT

    • Professional face paints made for multiple use. They are are in a "solid" form until activated by water like water color paints. They will dry back to solid and are designed with additives to prevent bacteria growth. If they paint stays liquid there are chemicals added to keep it liquid. Liquids hold and grow bacteria. 


    • If you see paints in liquid form it is not "skin safe". Ask to read the label. If it should say "meant or approved for the skin". Also look for "not meant for the skin"

    • "Non Toxic" DOES NOT mean "skin safe". There are many things in this world that are non toxic but that doesn't mean you want it all over your skin! 


Halloween is a big time of year when this becomes an issue. All the "Do it your selfers" and volunteers come out of the wood work for carnivals and festivals. Most do not research if the paint is safe. 


Although we use ALL high professional grade water based paints as with make up, lotions and soaps and each individuals skin can vary in sensitivity there is always a chance of skin irritation. 

If you are not sure how you or your child's skin will react or know they are pron to skin sensitivity a patch test can and should be requested. We will not be held liable if you choose to be painted or allow your child to be painted as we use the best products available and there are too many variable reasons and combinations of what can cause skin irritation.  


  1. Anyone Sick* Coughing*Pink Eye*Rashes*Cold Sores*Runny Noses, Head Lice*Scabies*Open Wounds. This can cause cross contamination to our supplies and be spread to other guests.

  2. Resistant or scared children. I know as parents we want that great picture to show off but this is meant to be a positive experience not traumatic. A hand or arm design will  be offered.

  3. Anyone rude, bad manors including touching artist supplies, will not be painted and asked to leave the line. Parents please watch your children if they damage any supplies it will be charged to the parent or host of the event.               

We reserve the right to refuse ....

We will not tolerate any situation that makes the entertainer feel uncomfortable caused by the host, children or guests.

This includes direct or indirect verbal abuse, violence, drugs, intoxication, inappropriate language or music. If the entertainer feels then environment is not safe or offensive such as inappropriate language or music, illegal drugs are present. The entertainer reserves the right to immediately leave the event regardless if the booked time has been used in full. The full cost of the booked event will still be required to be paid in full. 

In the case any of the entertainers property is damaged during the event by any guest, person, pet or child during an event the booking host will be responsible for the full replacement cost of the times as the host is responsible for the behavior and environment of their event and guests. In the case the host refuses the cost to replace the item legal action will taken. 




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